The NEOWRAP is the newest fashion accessory with function from the clever design team at StudioPaolo.com. It’s a headdress, it’s a face covering, it’s a scarf, and it’s a statement. Wear this like you would any headdress or do-rag, then when you need to cover up, like entering a grocery store or restaurant with mandated restrictions, simply swing the loose end around your face. You can further tweak it by pulling on the loose end for added control. No more of the chin diaper look, be bold and get fashionable!

The Story

This fashion accessory was dreamed up and developed during the Spring of 2020 when the design team director at StudioPaolo Design became increasingly frustrated with the draconian “social distancing” measures that were being enacted locally. He wanted a multipurpose fashion accessory that could double as a face covering. The idea came about when discovering that he needed a covering to board a train and used a makeshift article of clothing. A very elastic short sleeve shirt did the trick and shortly thereafter the NEOWRAP was born. A video of that moment when this idea was born and the original makeshift shirt that was used is featured here.

Product Details

NeoWraps use breathable stretch cotton, cotton blends, or synthetic spandex where noted. Our line of colors and styles are limited in quantity because each production is made mainly from end stock items purchased in the Fashion District of New York City. If you wish to inquire more about these accessories or have a special request for a particular color or pattern please contact us!